Junior Kinepod Active dental orthotic

The Junior Active Dental Orthotic is adapted for maxillofacial rehabilitation.

It can be used for :
- Orthodontic Prevention
- rehabilitation (muscle, joint, postural)
- grinding of teeth (bruxism)
- snoring
- Migraines/neck pain. 

Suitable for children and adolescents aged 5 to 13, as well as people with an inter-canine distance of less than 3 cm.

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Gouttière dentaire Kiné - Sport (activateur) et... par kinepod

The Junior Active Dental Orthotic is a multi-functional activator, which enables :

- Strengthen the muscles of the mouth in balance,
- Stimulate and guides the tongue to position itself against the palate (thanks to its inclined central base and the lack of a suction nozzle),
- Stimulate the growth of bones in the mouth (through its functional action).

This multi-functional activator is recommended and used by many health professionals:
- Dentists, who use it in functional orthodontics (recovery of teeth alignment),
- Speech therapists/logopaedics, to improve the functions of phonation, swallowing, breathing and chewing,
- Physiotherapists, maxillofacial and postural rehabilitation,
- Osteopaths and chiropractors for postural to free loss of mobility (blockages) rehabilitation caused by a dysfunction of the temporomandibular joints (jaws).

Smaller model than Active Dental Orthotic "Physio/Sport", it is a perfect for children and adolescents (from 5 to 13 years) or adults having an inter-canine distance of less than 3 cm.
If you have trouble in determining which model would suit you best, please refer to the explanation under the product photograph. Do not hesitate to contact us if necessary.

Made out of silicone, without bisphenol and phthalates.
The box comes with the mouth guard.

The Junior Active Dental Orthotic (Mouth Guard) can be used :

-actively (chewing for 5 to 20 minutes per day) to work the maxillofacial musculature and balance the jaws
-passively (during rest, mouth guard in the mouth) to relax the jaws during bruxism (tooth grinding) during the day or night, against snoring, protect teeth during contact sports. It can also be used to improve athletic performance.  Made out of a soft material, it can be used for orthodontic rehabilitation but also respiratory because it does not have a front opening (requires nasal breathing).

We do not recommend the use of the Active Dental Tray (Mouth Guard) for sufferers of epilepsy or convulsions (because it forces wearers to breathe through the nose), having significant dental mobility, or suffering from loose teeth (for example, an incisor significantly longer than others - more than 3 mm difference - can be sign of dental movement).

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Gouttière dentaire active : OBA "Kiné/Sport"

Gouttière dentaire active : OBA "Kiné/Sport"

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